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Доджа Кэт - Fuck The Girls (FTG)

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  • Длительность: 2:33
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  • Дата релиза: 22.09.2023

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Doja Cat - Fuck The Girls (FTG)

Доджа Кэт Фак зе гёрлс

Fuck the girls

They ain't wit' me, then they wit' me, so fuck the girls

I don't need 'em, I'm too pretty, so fuck the girls

Every region, every city, the whole damn world stay sayin' fuck the girls

Who dare ride my new Versace coattails?

You can't buy none that if it was wholesale

They wan' pull out cameras at hotels

Sell that shit for a dime, I pay they whole bills

You sold ten autographs for the utilities

Y'all take credit bypassing my abilities

You just here by proxy, you ain't feelin' me

Girls don't let girls live, but that ain't killing me

Now, fuck you, ho

You need a cookie 'cause you hatin', I could stuff you, ho

I'm just so grateful you a patron, I don't love you hoes

You worship everything you couldn't be, smokin' that regina

Becoming all that you shouldn't be