Доджа Кэт - Go Off

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  • Длительность: 3:18
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  • Дата релиза: 22.09.2023

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Doja Cat - Go Off

Доджа Кэт Гоу офф

Lil' mama, go off, let them gag and choke

With yo Louboutins, put yo new ice on

Get yo bag, don't stop, 'cause they won't shut up

Lil' mama go off, lil' mama go off

'Cause she might just pop, do not get it messed up

She that bitch in charge, she the real top dog

She gon' fuck shit up if yo ass get smart

Lil' mama go off, lil' mama, go off

Yeah, yeah

She mixed the Fendi with the Shein, she don't slide in no DM

She don't let no one win, she see 'em when she see 'em

She fuck me and my friends, she like a big expense

Men are means to an end, so she don't let them in

She never been in love, don't tell her that you are

'Cause she gon' turn her cheek, and she gon' tell you tuh

She like it from the back 'cause she don't ever front

But when she hit the gas, the trunk is in the front

Lil' mama go off