Доджа Кэт - Balut

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  • Дата релиза: 15.09.2023

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Доджа Кэт Балут

Doja Cat Balut

Ride a coattail, this isn't my fourth meal

Dishes on my ass, still I'm thicker than some oatmeal

Glass houses, I don't really like to keep my stones there

Oh, well, I'll buy another property for four mill'

Doorman said that you gon' have to leave your phones there

On a boat yeah it's really no fair No fair

The only problem that I havе and I'll be so real

I hit the stagе and lose the crystals on my toenails

Make the ho kneel, she kill it like an O'Neil

Makin' mo' bills 'til I copped the mobile

Can't drive 'cause I really don't need to

Got some professionals, they're really nice people